Grant Lancaster



At the early age of 10, Grant Lancaster got his start by fulfilling the age-old cliche of making movies with his parents camcorder, and hasn't stopped since. 

Focusing mainly on a career in acting, he has trained at the London Academy of Film & TV, studied at the San Francisco Comedy College and Shelton Studios in California, finished masterclasses with Holly Powell and Terry Knickerbocker, completed a BFA in Acting in New York where he graduated with honors and an academic minor in psychology, and was 1 of 8 others chosen to earn an MFA in Acting from UC Irvine’s prestigious graduate acting program.


His work can be seen on Netflix, Amazon and NBC, and has been shown at Cannes, the TriBeCa Film Festival, Tacoma Film Festival, London Film Festival, and New York International Film Festival, to name a few.

He was recently nominated for "Best American Actor" in Amsterdam, is actively developing a one man show and a two-man sketch comedy series.


He is recently starred as Danny in "The Blacklight", a feature-length supernatural crime thriller, which is set for release the October 2022 on all major streaming platforms.


He is also a photographer, motorcycle racer, and stunt driver.